2016 -

XSCHOOL is a new design school and an incubation program, which takes place in the city of Fukui since 2016. Each year approximately 20 individuals, some of whom expertise design, architecture, real estate, nursing, and financing, travel regularly in the period of four months, go through a process of local and indigenous studies, and work with Fukui’s partnering companies with unprecedented work in craftsmanship in fields like food, ceramics, and textile.

This program was planned as a part of Fukui city’s promotion program “make.fUKUI PROJECT” which empowers human exchange beyond the regional boundary and create new type of jobs. Participants have become big fan of Fukui and keep coming back to town with their friends and family members. Its creative community is still growing today.

In 2018, we reorganized XSCHOOL into two separate programs XSCHOOL and XSTUDIO. New XSCHOOL was held as a 2 days intensive course of design. On the other hand, the incubation program was renamed into XSTUDIO with three studios.

Starting from research and practice in Fukui, Re:public pursue the future of middle-sized cities (cities with population of 200,000 to 300,000 people) located in various parts of Japan.


  • Hosted by
    Fukui City
  • Cooperation by
    University of Fukui Headquarters for Innovative Society-Academia Cooperation, The Fukui Bank,Ltd., The Fukui Shimbun Co., Ltd.
  • Planning and Management by
    Re:public Inc., The Fukui Shimbun Co., Ltd.
  • XSCHOOL 2016-2017
    Tuters : Yuma Harada, Shunya Hagiwara, Koji Takahashi
    Program directors : Yuma Harada(UMA/design farm), Tomomi Tada(MUESUM), Yuki Uchida
  • XSTUDIO 2018
    Program directors : Yuma Harada , Tomomi Tada, Yuki Uchida