Re:public Inc.

Re:public, inc. was founded in 2013 as a think and do tank to help individuals, institutions, and cities towards change.

While the society and the economy seem uncertain and complex, we are at the same time witnessing creative, inspiring, and innovative solutions emerging from citizens and communities from all parts of the world.

Using our knowledge and experience in the field of ethnography, computer science, architecture, media, and design, we at Re:public are today in a privileged and an exciting position, working together with so many inspiring people and cities to think about futures and to create one.

Although we apply many approaches and forces us to rethink ‘big things,’ such as innovation, capitalism, or globalization, our wish and the goal remain extremely simple: empower any individual of any background so that everyone could feel that one is invited to be involved in one’s future.

The tide maybe here but nevertheless, change remains to be a challenge for all of us. Re:public is determined to support curiosity, challenges and new endeavors, as we believe they are the key driving force towards more diverse and resilient society.

Our Approach

Re:thinking culture and assets

Through our studies concerning innovators around the world, we realized that many have a deep and unique understanding of what they have, rather than what they do NOT have. Assets, be it a human network, technology, or natural resources, are how they leverage themselves in creating new values without being caught in a fierce competition that cannot be won.

This is the reason why at Re:public, we start from ‘a treasure hunting’: an in-depth qualitative research when we start our project with a new city or an organization. By rethinking and reframing, we are hoping that we could bring sustainable and fundamental opportunities for change.

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Re:imagining the future

Often times when we work on change, we find ourselves being stuck, a sense that nothing can be changed. But what if some of the those preconditions are bound to change? What if we are simply unaware that changes are coming regardless of the people within?

In order to think beyond a mere extension of today, we use multiple participatory processes which help us to reimagine the future. In many cases, the work is followed up an exploration that situates in different contexts or culture, where people’s behaviors, routines, or values can be so different that you start to question what you consider as ‘normal.’

This is a surprisingly empowering process as it not only changes one's perspective towards the future but creates a sense of ownership and initiates action within the team. Thinking about the futures drives the change today.

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Re:creating the collective

Whether urban or rural, problems that surround us is increasingly complex.

At Re:public, we feel that neither a conventional top-down or a bottom-up approach would be sufficient. From citizens, governments, companies, to educational institutions, the intention is to be systemic, by creating a collective, a group of individuals and institutions for the future. The result is often a collective with a mutual goal to create a better future, but also more open, diverse, and resilient ecosystem that lasts in the city or a region.

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