Trans-Local Magazine MOMENT

Moment is a trans-local magazine that explores the future of cities. The term “trans-local” refers to citizen-led transformations of environments and lifestyles that occur based on the reinterpretation of local technologies, resources, and cultures. Moment introduces such trans-local practices and practitioners from all parts of the world.

As the discourse and executions of Smart Cities increase, corporations that provide safety, convenience, and comfort to citizens through digital technology are becoming an essential part of the urban ecosystem. The more irreplaceable such corporations become, the more citizens would use their services and products and in turn, become targets of optimization. How will our role evolve in cities where we are seen as urban “users” rather than as citizens?
In this first issue, we explore the theme “-able city,” a city that opens up the possibilities for citizen engagement. We highlight the ways in which citizens interpret local climates, histories, resources, and communities to craft alternative lifestyles in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Kumamoto, Nara, and more.

Through the reflection of trans-local practices around world, Moment re-imagines and contributes to the future of cities, citizens, and lifestyles. 


  • Issued by
  • Editor in Chief
    Ryo Shirai
  • Design
    Shohei Iida, Yuki Shimooka
  • Illustration
    Toshikazu Hirai
  • Editorial Team
    Fumiko Ichikawa, Yumiko Matsumaru, Yuki Uchida, Tomo Kihara, Ryota Kamio
  • Supervisor of Translation
    Sophie Knight