New Normal: Reinventing Arts & Crafts for Everyday Lives

2018 -

Saga prefecture has a rich tradition of crafts such as ceramics and textiles. However, such crafts have been produced largely, from the perspective of the makers, leading to a divide between makers and those who use craft products locally. At times the crafts have become something distant, or disjointed from daily life.

The New Normal project aims to break these norms, initiating new conversations to bridge the conventional gap between makers and users. Taking a co-creation approach, we will connect and form teams with makers, users, and collaborative thinkers, catalyzing dynamic interactions and fresh ideas. Throughout the project, six teams focus on the following diverse themes: Eat, Play, Work, Enliven, Slowness and Care.
Through these lively interactions, we aim to co-create an environment where locals can be empowered to creatively incorporate the crafts into everyday life; changing perspectives and kindling a renewed connection with the land.


  • Hosted by
    Saga prefecture
  • Planning and Management by
    Unagi no Nedoko