Innovation Studio Fukuoka

2013 - 2017

“Innovation Studio Fukuoka (ISF)” is a type of innovation lab in Fukuoka City. There are issues that are common in mature cities that are difficult to be solved by a single entity such as the government, private sector, or other civil society organizations.

This project aims at achieving citizen-led innovation; thereby solving issues through new products or services created by multiple stakeholders, with the point being that local citizens take initiatives. Re:public is responsible for the planning, design and operation of the project.

The ISF offers sixth-month workshops which are designed to encourage current business owners and budding entrepreneurs to pursue their business ideas. Through a hands-on, practical programmes, participants explore chosen project-themes and create new businesses which would thrive in Fukuoka and beyond.

From 2013 to 2017, the ISF has run four projects on a variety of topics, including ‘Redesigning the boundary of people with special needs’, ‘Designing Sports in Daily Activities’, ‘Designing hidden Resource”, and “Innovation that overcomes disaster”.

PJ0: Redesigning the boundary of children with special needs
PJ1: Designing sports of daily activities
PJ2: Innovation of Life Course: Future of Connectedness, Career
PJ3: Designing Hidden Resource
PJ4: Innovation that Overcomes Disaster