Repack is a two-year research and design project between Taiwan and Japan, initiated with funding support from the Toyota Foundation. Under the theme “Human-centred recycling system design for food packaging and services – in light of changing hygiene concepts due to the pandemic”, the project explored recycling systems for food packaging with designers, engineers, researchers and business people in the two countries.

Re:public was responsible for the overall planning and organisation of the project as well as the Japanese Office, while REnato Lab, which plays a central role in the circular economy policy and industrial transitions in Taiwan, assumed the Taiwan Office.
The project was carried out in two main phases.

In Phase 1, 15 citizens from four cities in Taiwan (Taipei and Taitung) and Japan (Tokyo and Satsumasendai, Kagoshima) conducted design research using LINE to investigate cultural differences and behaviour patterns regarding waste disposal. People living with children aged 3-15 years were targeted to investigate how family life stages, community relations and personal hygiene concepts affect consumption and disposal of food packaging. Research methods and tools for circular design were developed and were made available as open source information.

n Phase 2, participants visited two regions renowned for their crafts and eco-village concepts in Kyushu (Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Obama Town, Nagasaki Prefecture) to study circular product design and lifestyles, and prototyped a “Circular System for Food Packaging”. In the prototyping stage, the participants were divided into Japanese and Taiwanese groups and mainly explored the application of ceramic 3D printers, crafts and UX/UI to circular design, and presented their findings in Tokyo and Taipei.
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  • Planning and Management
    REnato Lab (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Supported by
    The TOYOTA Foundation
  • Cooperation(Taiwan)
    :National Taiwan Normal University
    筑子 Atelier Chuzi
    Studio Qiao
    Japan: Kyushu Univeresity Graduate School of Design, fog Co. , Mejiro Kosaku
  • Cooperation(Japan)
    Kyushu Univeresity Graduate School of Design
    fog Co. ,
    Mejiro Kosaku