Innovators 100 Hiroshima

2015 -

This is a program aiming at fostering leaders of next generation innovation from 100 successful companies in Hiroshima prefecture. One of the features of the Innovators 100 Hiroshima is that business operators in Hiroshima are working closely with a mentor team. In the four-month practical program, participants will

1) clarify missions and strengths of their own company,
2) re-identify social issues based on the questions and awareness through field work
3) receive counseling from leading senior innovators,
4) lastly, make a presentation to propose a new business to the managers of their own company.

Along the way, the young innovators from various industries in the prefecture will work together beyond the boundaries of their organizations. In this way, the program provides the participants with opportunities to struggle aiming for the creation of a new business.


  • Client
    Hiroshima Prefecture, Innovation Promotion Team