Hakata-Ori Development College

Fukuoka, where one of Re:public studios is located, has been considered for centuries considered as the gate to Asia, particularly to the mainland China.

Hakata-Ori, a beautiful textile produced around Fukuoka’s Hakata area for centuries, is now renewing itself as they aim to foster creators and producers of the future.

Hakata-Ori Development College is a design school established for textile artists who are willing to become creators and producers in Hakata-Ori textile industry. The school offers design courses for students to learn both skill sets and mindsets, combining both conventional classes as well as the new, cutting-edge educational programs to become a truly creative and independent professional.

Since 2016, Hiroshi has been supporting the school by designing the overall curriculum. The program consists of six units, each of which lasts for approximately one month. Every month, students will have an opportunity to work with cutting-edge professionals, who will facilitate each class as project-based learning. From storytelling, product design, materials, service design, to business design, students will be able to train themselves as they practice their overall skill sets in four areas: research, analyze, create, and express.

Traditionally, craftsmanship was about merely learning the technique. Today it is equally important that each artist will be able to create a business out of their products. We are hoping that the course will offer every individual to become the future Hakata-Ori creators and products who would be able to deliver their creation to the world.



  • Unit directors
    Hiroyuki Fujishiro, Associate Professor at Hosei University
    Hiroaki Umezawa, Digital Fabrication Assoc. / FabLab KandaNishikicho(Shibuya) Director
    Daijiro Mizuno, Associate Professor at Keio University SFC
    Masayuki Takahata, Stationary champion
    Kunitake Saso, CEO / Chief Strategic Designer at BIOTOPE co., ltd.
    Yuichi Washida, Professor at Hitotsubashi University