“なまり節辣油 Namari-bushi La-yu” is an idea that came from Kesennuma high school students in one of the recent workshops i.club has organized. It is a semi-dried bonito marinated with nuts and other indigeneous ingredients in spicy chilly oil. The workshop carefully designed by Yu Ogawa, the i.club director, and many others, who went through the process of understanding, designing, prototyping, and presenting. The final presentation of the workshop gathered school teachers, local media, factory owners, and businessmen, where students offered four concepts in an actual edible manner. The quality was so high that today, two out of four were picked up by a local seafood company and they are now on a track for actual productization.

But before the idea comes into reality, there are some refinement to be done by the professional. Today food designer Lyie Nitta and i.club director Yu Ogawa came to us with two versions of this tasty chunks, one has a taste of Cayenne pepper and rather mexican spicy, while another slightly milder in spiciness but has some peppercorns. Both were great in taste but seem to cater for quite different consumers, and made us wonder “so to whom are we selling this?”

As a process of making this product happen, another workshop would take place in Kesennuma where students this time would think of product names, packaging designs, and distribution channels, which would in fact bring a completely new challenge and learning opportunities for the local students.



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