How does the future look like when we rethink inclusiveness?

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As we started to look into the innovation beyond the industry, one of the key institutions we have come across was Tanpopo-no-ye, an institute located in Nara prefecture, Japan. Unlike many Sagyo-Jo , a workplace generally dedicated for people with disabilities to work on a certain task, this non-profit organization practices a wide range of art from the standpoint of art and care. As their activities constantly pose us a question what it means for us to work, live, create, and express, all of us at Re:public have been constantly inspired by collaborating with them.
Recently we had an opportunity to visit Able Art Company, an institute promoting inclusion through arts run by Tanpopo-no-ye Foundation. At the time the institute was holding an exhibition and was filled with T-shirts made by artists with disability. As we browsed through the exhibition we realized some of the T-shirts came from as far as Italy, showing their network and activities are beyond borders.
What really inspires us about the institute is the fact that members and staffs spend great amount of time in understanding what it means to have certain disabilities and persistently explores the right means of expression for each member of the institute. And as we see each member acquiring one’s own ’voice,’ their art pieces pose us a question why the same could not be done for each member of the society.
In fact this is the reason why we love to work with Tanpopo; the term inclusion may seem that benefits are provided to the minority such as the disabled, but so far we see far more benefits on the majority side as they bring opportunities to question the norm. As a result this could trigger a paradigm shift to the society as a whole.
As a part of Innovation Studio Fukuoka effort, we are currently running a project to redefine the meaning of work and life through inclusion.Details are yet to be found but I am already seeing a glimpse through the project.

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