How a cup of latte can tell about you

One of the biggest surprises for setting up the office in Yushima neighborhood is the quality of restaurants and shops. From fresh coffee, udon noodles, to vegetarian, we have identified quite a few quality restaurants we could proudly say that it is one of the best in town. Restaurants are scattered and there is no single food street you can wonder around and decide what you eat spontaneously, but definitely each one of the restaurants are a true gem. Good old Engel talked about the food spending in proportion to the income, but he has been hovering inside our head for the past month.

Our lunch spot of the day was Arrangiarsi, an Italian restaurant two minutes away from our office equipped with a proper pizza grill serving great pizzas of Napoli style. The restaurant serves antipasto to start with and pizza as an main dish, which can come in variety of flavors if you are a group of three or more people. Simply the best!


After the meal they serve cafe latte, and look what we have got! Hiroshi got the bear, I got the cat, and Megumi, our intern got the rabbit. I didn’t quite realize back then, but people who know us well tell us that characters are well chosen. Such a fantastic job for the barista, who magically nailed these cute little drawings but also, managed to capture our characteristics in such a short interaction we had in between.

More than we think, I suppose we leave many traces of ourselves – a lot more than we think we do.

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