Changes in career model

Last Wednesday, we received Shotaro Yamashita the editor in chief of Worksight known as a semiannual quality magazine searching for new way of working — as we say “workstyle(ワークスタイル)” in Japanese — across the world.

He showed us how the view to career has been changing, in terms of the model of career advancement particularly, i.e. successive promotion in organizations loses its attraction. Those who see career as a chain of cycles to sow, to cultivate, and to harvest opportunities iteratively are steadily increasing instead, especially in young generations. What he sees the issue regarding this for Japanese corporations is that they don’t have systems to deal with the latter career model. Traditional job rotation system has no power to it. Selectable professional career paths in a corporation solely fits to the former one. This means there is a great opportunity for a first mover to attract talents who pursue the latter one. We have become confident that a big shift in career choice will come soon in the future.



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