About Us

私たちは、“イノベーションの建築家” です。






We are a group of people who pursue architecture in innovation.

Our new company, which we named Re:public Inc., is not a design firm nor a research agency, but a Think & Do tank. As we have been involved in a discussion with the national government on Japanese innovation ecosystem in recent years, we have come to realize that often the culture of an organisation, a society, or a nation, is left untouched, undiscussed. While a top-down change maybe equally effective within an organisation, we find it cannot be a solution when problems of today have become increasingly complex and beyond control of a single institute.

Our clients range from companies, educational institutions, or governments in national/regional level, and together we take a systemic approach to understand and take actions for the better. For years we have been the leading practitioner in human-centered design and ethnographic studies in the Japanese industry, and we believe that application of such practice can bring indigenous values and opportunities for change.


Our main office locates in the old downtown neighborhood of Tokyo called Yushima, right behind the Yushima Tenjin, known as the god of learning.

Fujii Building 1F 2-26-5 Bunkyo-ku Yushima Tokyo 113-0034 Japan
Phone: +81 (0)3-5817-4434
Email: info@re-public.jp

〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島2-26-5 藤井ビル 1F

– 千代田線 湯島駅より 徒歩4分
– JR中央線/総武線 お茶の水駅より 徒歩12分